Walliser Zeitung

Discover the concept of Bébou in this article from the Walliser Zeitung (in German).

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Le Nouvelliste

Dans cet article du Nouvelliste, nous avons eu l'occasion d'expliquer le fonctionnement de notre concept.

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Walliser Zeitung

Découvrez le concept de Bébou dans cet article du Walliser Zeitung (en Allemand).

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On April 7, 2024, we were on to offer you a great offer. Find the page dedicated to our offer below.

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Extrait de l'émission Aujourd'hui de la RTS

July 20, 2019

“Today” – RTS

During the program "Aujourd'hui" broadcast by RTS, the concept and advantages of Bébou (formerly Bibou'tic) were highlighted.

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Logo de l'émission "On en parle" de la RTS

February 27, 2019

“We’re talking about it” – RTS

Discover behind the scenes of Bébou (formerly Bibou'tic) thanks to the RTS show "On entalk".

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Logo du journal La Gruyère


La Gruyere

Discover the motivations of the creators of Bibou'tic (Bébou) in this article from La Gruyère.

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Logo du journal "La Liberté"

October 30, 2017


Discover the La Liberté post on Bibou'tic (Bébou)

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