The textile industry is currently, according to the WEF, the second most polluting industry after oil. Despite this, the demand for clothing is expected to continue to grow, from 62 million tonnes in 2015 to 102 million tonnes in 2030, while their useful life has been declining since the 2000s with the emergence of fast fashion. This factor, combined with a very low recycling rate - less than 1% of the materials used - leads to increasing pressure on resources.

Plus, knowing that your baby will change clothing sizes 4-5 times during his/her first year, mountains of undersized clothes will pile up in your house as she/he grows. Inevitably, many of them will not be reused and will end up put away in boxes or thrown in the trash.

Our solution? Renting, and here’s why:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

    Every time you rent a baby/maternity garment, you save all the water, electricity and greenhouse gas emissions used to produce a new garment.

  • Reduce waste

    Renting reduces clothing being thrown away and going to landfill. A third of moms/parents-to-be have thrown away their/their baby's perfectly wearable clothes because they didn't know what to do with them.

  • Extend the life of clothes

    Thanks to rental, we extend the duration of use of the clothes to several future mothers/babies.

  • Giving clothes a third life

    All the clothes that make up our boxes are carefully selected at the same quality as new. When these are no longer rentable but still usable, we redistribute them free of charge to various associations.

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