Our history

The beginnings

Bébou's story begins with two sisters-in-law, Sonia and Delphine. By living their own experience as mothers, they realized the speed at which children grew and the problems this created for managing clothes. Not only is it neither practical nor economically affordable to redo your child's wardrobe every 2 months, but it is also not very sustainable to buy so many clothes for such a short period of time. They therefore had the idea of ​​offering boxes of second-hand clothing for children and maternity in order to combine the useful with the durable. This is how Bibou'tic , Bébou's ancestor, was born.

After 6 years of giving body and soul with all the ups and downs that entrepreneurship entails, their situation had changed and she was looking to find buyers.

The succession

It was at this moment that their paths crossed that of entrepreneurship students, Caryl, Diego and Henry. Together, they also wanted to launch a sustainable project for children's clothing. When they came across Bibou'tic's takeover offer, they offered to give the company a boost and bring their experience in management and entrepreneurship. After discussion, a takeover of the company was concluded between the two parties and Bibou'tic became Bébou.

The team is made up of:

Diego , our communication virtuoso. He is now your information conduit, ensuring that you are always up to date with the latest Bébou news.

Caryl , our sustainability champion, has an unwavering passion for the circular economy. He also monitors our customers to make their lives easier and answer their questions.

Finally, Henry takes care of the strategy and the technical part. As the orchestrator of operations, he oversees every detail, always with the aim of providing you with an exceptional experience.

Together, we look forward to sharing this new adventure with you and your precious little one. Welcome to Bébou, where every day is a celebration of life, sustainability and innovation!

The future

From now on, we are building on the foundations laid since 2017 to develop our project. Our objectives are to orient our offer as closely as possible to the needs of our customers. It is to achieve these objectives that we have launched our brand new bebou.ch platform and our new subscription system.

At Bébou, we are convinced that it is entirely possible to lead a fulfilling life while being respectful of our precious planet. We firmly believe that maternity and toddler clothing shouldn't mean overspending or ending an early life in a drawer.

Our ambition is clear: to make accessible to all the possibility of dressing for all occasions while maintaining good environmental responsibility. We are committed to being the standard bearers of these innovative and sustainable solutions.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure. At Bébou, change is not only possible, it is unavoidable. Thank you for your support !

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