Our history

Les fondatrice de Bébou (fka Bibou'tic), Delphine et Sonia

The beginnings

Bébou, or rather Bibou'tic, was born from the desire of 2 young women, Delphine, paralegal and crazy about her granddaughters and Sonia, caregiver and passionate about fashion, internet and social networks, to give a new twist in their personal and professional lives.

After several years of working with mothers and babies, the idea came to them to share a different approach, more economical, ecological and practical for dressing babies and future mothers: clothing rental.

They therefore decided to join forces, to combine their thoughts, feelings, rants and genius to bring their concept to life through an online store.

They have put all their heart into making it an attractive, easy-to-use site, with cool items at very reasonable prices so that it is affordable for everyone.

Image de l'équipe Bébou


In September 2023, after six years of passionate commitment, Delphine and Sonia pass the torch to a new dynamic team made up of Marion, Diego, Caryl and Henry. Everyone brings their unique expertise to make the Bébou experience something extraordinary.

Marion , a lifelong fashion lover, is our style magician. She ensures that your little treasure is always at the forefront of trends, while keeping a watchful eye on the company's finances.

Diego , our communications virtuoso, has had several successes in marketing. It is now your information conduit, ensuring that you are always up to date with the latest news and promotions from Bébou.

Caryl , our Sustainability Champion, has an unwavering passion for energy efficiency in small and medium-sized businesses. It also injects a dose of good humor and positive energy into our team.

Finally, Henry , our strategic visionary, is the pillar on which our company rests. As the orchestrator of operations, he oversees every detail, always with the aim of achieving our long-term goals and providing you with an exceptional experience.

Together, we look forward to sharing this new adventure with you and your precious little one. Welcome to Bébou, where every day is a celebration of style, sustainability and vision for the future!

The future

We have brought new energy to the company, driven by the desire to spread the circular economy revolution on a much larger scale. At Bébou, we are convinced that it is entirely possible to lead a fulfilling life while being respectful of our precious planet.

We firmly believe that maternity and toddler clothing shouldn't mean spending too much. Each outfit should carry optimal utility, thus providing durability that goes hand in hand with the growth of your little treasure.

Our ambition is clear: to make accessible to all the possibility of dressing with style and environmental responsibility. We are committed to being the standard bearers of these innovative and sustainable solutions.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure. Together, we are writing a new page in the history of fashion for mothers and babies, where environmental awareness combines perfectly with elegance and comfort. At Bébou, change is not only possible, it is unavoidable.

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